Lennard Pezold

 Lennard graduated from Mesa HIgh School in 1969.  Married his wife in 1969 and celebrated thire 49th anniversary.  He started out with Keith Rigs Plumbing in 1964 where he learned the basics.  He expanded his knowledge by taking his talents to Sunset Plumbing  and then started working with Bill Gill in 1971.  In 1978 he earned his plumbing license and hung his own shingle that same year with Lennard's Plumbing.  

Terry Pickett

 Terry graduated from Washington High School in Pheonix in 1967 and entered the Unites States Navy where he served as a communications person in both the Phillipines & Vietnam.  Following and honorable discharge in 1971 he went to work for Bill Gill Plumbing and attended college with focus on architecture and construction estimating.  Upon expanding his skills sets he joined Lennard in 1980 were he remains a key player having worked on evert imaginable type of project ranging from airports to zoos and everything between. 

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